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Walgreen’s prescription refills – keeping it simple

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The blurring of retail channels continues to progress as drug stores carry food items, food stores carry drug items, and mass outlets maintain the one-stop-shop for food, drugs, and general merchandise. Walgreen’s is the 4th biggest retailer in theUnited States behind Wal-mart, Kroger and Target. Wal-mart and Target are mass merchandisers, Kroger is food and, of course, Walgreen’s is drug but that doesn’t matter, all four retailers are competing for consumers prescription expenditures.

And it’s no wonder why. The desire to win the prescription game makes good business sense. Profit margins are significantly better than front- and center-of-store. The consumer’s need to refill prescriptions drives recurring store traffic, and every time a consumer comes back to refill a prescription it’s another opportunity to drive incremental shopping basket sales (it’s no mistake that the pharmacy is typically located somewhere deep in the store).

Walgreen’s is pushing their prescription agenda by addressing the refill challenge with a simple, consumer-centric solution. I can just imagine the marketers brainstorming this one:

Question:What stops consumers from refilling?
Answer: They forget
Question: What can we do?
Answer: Remind them
Question: How?
Answer: Send them a text

It seems ironic that while many marketers are agonizing over the need to figure out the “complexity” of mobile marketing, here’s a great example of how mobile marketing, in its simplest form, can drive sales and increase consumer loyalty.

For Walgreens, it’s Simple and Smart!

It’s scalable. It’s cheap. It’s targeted. It’s a mainstream method of communication.

For Consumers, it’s Simple and Easy!

  1. Receive Reminder Text
  2. Text Refill
  3. Pick up when receive Prescription Ready text

It’s simply brilliant.

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Fiona McIlraith

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and market research, Fiona has experience in data methodologies and the application of data insights to identify and measure effective brand marketing strategies.

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