There’s something
different here.

Klick is over 1000 people passionate about life sciences, dedicated to doing things differently. Since 1997, we’ve been a commercial partner laser focused on developing, launching, and supporting life sciences brands.

Meet a different kind of partnership

BJ Jones

Chief Commercial Officer, Migraine and Common Diseases

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

Meet a different kind of people.

We don’t put aside our differences, we welcome them.

At Klick, true differentiation is in our biology. It resonates throughout our structure and it’s the reason we’re able to reach new heights.

Simply, Klick is built different.

Building a
Center of Gravity
For Brilliant People

All Klicksters are leaders, and it’s their multitude of perspectives that enables our culture of brilliant collaboration.

Here are just some of the people we’re lucky to call friends, teammates, and mentors:

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  • Rich Levy, [object Object]
  • Holly Henry, [object Object]
  • Kamran Shah, [object Object]
  • Sue Easby, [object Object]
  • Keith Liu, [object Object]
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  • Brian Kaiser, [object Object]
  • Ari Schaefer, [object Object]
  • Greg Rice, [object Object]
  • Amy Gómez, [object Object]
  • Ellen Gorczyca, [object Object]
  • Victoria Sherriff-Scott, [object Object]
  • Yan Fossat, [object Object]
  • Deanna Pathak, [object Object]
  • Edwin Lee, [object Object]
  • Jennifer White, [object Object]
  • Laura Morrison, [object Object]
  • Ryan Slipakoff, [object Object]
  • Tatiana Lyons, [object Object]
  • Bernardo Romero, [object Object]
  • Pamela Kerr, [object Object]
  • Roberta Raduan, [object Object]
  • Jennifer Lambert, [object Object]
  • Mitchell Tan, [object Object]
  • Ryan Olohan, [object Object]
  • Jenna Mitby-Manning, [object Object]

Truly Klick

Our people stand out, but it’s our core values and actions that allow us to stand out, together.

People First

Everything we do must put people first; our people, our clients, and the patients and families we impact.

Hacker Roots

We started as hackers, and the creativity and refusal to accept the status quo that are core to our roots are as true today as ever.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We operate with confidence and a bias for action in everything that we do. We take chances on our own dime and time so that the unique solutions we can offer to our clients are already proven.

Outcomes Over Optics

Intent counts more than technique and we have always believed that our principal obligation is to outcomes.

Play the Long Game

While most companies operate at the mercy of a quarterly report, we don’t. We recognize that trust is built in little drops and lost in buckets. We always optimize for long‑term success.


Meet a different kind of global experience

The diverse Klick experience now lives in global markets.

Here's where you can find us.

Great minds work alike.

When your people are the center of gravity, clients are the ultimate beneficiaries. Success, in its highest form, is always mutual. We learned early on that being a great place to work allows us to do our best work. By supporting, rewarding, and celebrating our people, we enable them to thrive in our orbit.