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Twitter Launches New Web Analytics Dashboard


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Twitter recently announced the upcoming launch of their Web Analytics tool, which aims to provide comprehensive data about the traffic that Twitter is sending to your website, or Twitter-related sharing actions on your site.

Twitter Web Analytics Dashboard

For some time, Twitter has provided analytics for their advertising products, but this is the first time they are making analytics data accessible to all users.

According to a post on the Twitter developer blog, there will be three main benefits to the Web Analytics service:

  • Understand how much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network
  • See the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration

The service is currently being rolled out to a group of beta testers and Twitter partners, and will be available to all Twitter users in the next few weeks.

Analytics in this tool will be closely linked to the use of Twitter’s t.co URL shortener, which automatically shortens URLs longer than 19 characters, and is used for any links tweeted form the Tweet Button widget. Previously, it was challenging to get accurate clickthrough metrics across multiple URL shorteners (e.g. brand shares with a custom bit.ly account, user shares with a generic bit.ly account, shares with other URL shorteners, etc.) beyond simple referral metrics in your web analytics package. In addition, there was no easy and consistent method to measure outbound link sharing using the Twitter widgets.

Twitter has also announced that an API will be made available, which means Twitter monitoring and engagement platforms like CoTweet and HootSuite could pull in this data to provide a centralized reporting dashboard across your brand’s Twitter profiles.

Moving forward, it’s likely that Twitter will continue to expand their analytics tools, and potentially even explore paid measurement and engagement products for business.

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