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TEDMED2011: #OccupyHealthcare

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Here at Klick Pharma, we tend to view TEDMED like a vacation for our healthcare-obsessed brains. We spend so much time down in the digital marketing trenches, focused on defining successful strategies and crafting implementations that we rarely get a chance to step back and gaze into the crystal ball. TEDMED is exactly that opportunity: a rare break from application in the form of a solid four day brain food buffet.

TEDMED2011 Session Notes

If you’d like to jump right into the content without reading our overview, here are some notes on our stand-out sessions:

More sessions to come, so stay tuned!

TEDMED2011 Overview

This year’s extravaganza took place at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado, a 123-year old seaside resort on beautiful Coronado Island in San Diego. I had the honor and privilege to attend this year’s event, accompanied by our CEO, Leerom Segal, and our SVP Interactive, Brian O’Donnell. TEDMED is decamping from their historic home for next year’s event, making the 2200 mile trek east to the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC (more on that later).

The original TED’s mandate is to provide a view into the worlds of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Generally speaking, TEDMED aims to do the same but through a healthcare lens, seeking out the most interesting people and content and presenting them to an intimate gathering of about 600 people. Although somewhat less start studded than in years past, this year still managed to draw an incredible roster of participants from the research, policy, manufacturer, and vendor sides of the healthcare decahedron (more on that later too). So much gets packed into the three days – from speakers to parties to the innovation expo – that a comprehensive field trip report is nigh impossible without rambling on for pages. So we’ve decided to report back on our highlights of TEDMED2011 and let our full gallery of photos speak to everything else.

TEDMED2011 Themes

The title from this post – #OccupyHealthcare – comes from Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell’s rousing final session in which they called on all of us to become healthcare activists. Their call to arms was well heard by our fellow attendees, many of whom are already engaged in changing the system. The video isn’t up yet but here’s their powerful message from TEDMED2010:

The 46 speakers and five entertainers covered a wide variety of topics, from cutting edge research to deeply personal stories to reports from the policy front lines. There were a few prevalent themes:

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