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Will Apple TV become the next web browser?


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In September it is widely expected that Apple will announce a new Apple TV in amongst the inevitable iPhone and Apple Watch announcements. Ben Lovejoy from 9to5Mac speculates on what this could mean and wonders if a TV-based Safari might be in the mix when Apple makes the TV iOS 9 compatible and adds support for third-party apps.

If a TV-based browser is incorporated into the Apple TV this could provide a way for consumers to quickly search for websites while they watch shows. If the navigation experience is adequate, and the story says that Siri will make the TV experience better, users might end up viewing your digital content on the big screen.

It is also reported that the new Apple TV will have “full” iOS 9 support with downloadable apps. We’re not sure what this means so far, and there have been warnings about expecting too much, but it might mean that apps can be downloaded and played on the Apple TV. This could open up areas for healthcare marketers such as exercise lessons or integrated reminder apps.

The Apple TV is something to watch for in September.

Source: 9to5Mac

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