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A relatively new tool is available for tracking social platforms, including walled gardens like Facebook, and can help marketers see how their efforts stack up against the competition. We took Unmetric out for a spin on their three-day trial and compiled some thoughts for pharma marketers everywhere.


The Unmetric platform looks at social properties and compares their activities. This is a more targeted activity than social listening with a tool like Sysomos. Listening tools index the individual conversations for marketers whereas Unmetric looks at post metadata and works inside the “walled garden” platforms such as Facebook.

We recently had the opportunity to test drive the tool and wanted to give it a good workout. We provided the DHC / Klick Health social properties lists to the company to see how the tool would perform on pages that had age and geography limitations (the rest of the industry can thank us for that – it increased the Unmetric coverage for pharma “substantially”). We took a look at the past 12 months of activity for a set of the 10 most popular branded and unbranded properties to see what insights brands could pull from the tool.

There are four main “Analyze” options for Unmetric (there are other major components such as Discover, Track, and API but we only looked at Analyze):

Posting Insights

Posts are tracked and marketers can see what their competition is up to. Some of the more interesting metrics are around share of voice. Here is share of voice for the top 10 branded Facebook pages:

Branded Facebook Page SOV

Comparison metrics like this can really help brand marketers because they can pick and choose pages from Pharma, or even other industries, and track the front end “vanity” metrics with more context than available separately.

Compare Engagement

One way to infer investment and activity on other brands’ properties is through the engagement on their materials. There are two ways to look at these numbers: people talking about this (PTAT) and people following the page (fans).

Facebook talk per post

Facebook Page fan growth

You can see from the above that brands were promoting at different times and with different amounts. Early in the period we see one brand was promoting with single-day spends while others had more robust and consistent spend later in the year.

Post Timing Insights

The tool also includes some metrics that can help content creators see the best time to post. With pharma we see there is a disconnect between when posts are published and when the audience engages. (P.S. there’s technology that can help with that.)

Best day to post

Best time to post


Infer Media – Difficult for Pharma

One of the main “claims to fame” of the Unmetric platform is its attempts to deduce media spend from post activity. Other firms such as comScore and Kantar look at display ads and are able to estimate spend, reach, frequency, and other metrics but Facebook ads are different since they’re in the walled garden. There are a number of factors that seem to confuse the Unmetric algorithms when looking at pharma pages:

This combines to make the Unmetric platform less useful for determining spend. However, given known average results per dollar most brands can reverse-engineer what their competitors are doing, the only variable that can’t be accounted for is efficiency and content value… meaning if content is good and gets 30-50% organic lift then that brand will produce better results per dollar than the competition.

Rankings for Health and Pharma

The other question that successful social marketers typically ask is “sure, we’re killing it in pharma, but what about the real world?

Unmetric can help with that too. The tool has a “Health and Pharma” category and marketers can see their property compared to the entire set rather than just their competitors. Here are the top properties from the tool:

Top Facebook Pages by Unmetric ranking

We can see that three pharma pages, Lighter Blue unbranded and Bayer and Novo Nordisk corporate, made the top 10 in the USA. The algorithm that determines this ranking is proprietary to Unmetric but is described as:

This industry-wide level set is a welcome measurement for marketers who often wonder what others are doing on the social platforms. The library of social properties being compared relies on customers requesting them so new users should perform a thorough scan of their preferred comparison properties and make sure they are in the tool. Again, all of the pharma properties from the DHC / Klick Health database have been added so direct competitors are likely already there (if you benefit from this, you should look up the Digital Health Coalition and see if they would be useful to your organization).

More in Tool

The above snapshot of some selected pharma brands is entertaining reading and we hope it helps the industry see how much is happening on social. Check out the Unmetric site if you want to see more of the tool and maybe get your own trial.

Note: since I’m linking to the Unmetric page here I want to emphasize that Klick is NOT financially engaged with the vendor, we were just excited to share some data with the industry.

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