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Everyone wants to be the "Yelp" for this or the "Uber" for that but in this case SERMO is much better than a public rating service, it uses it's vast reach to physicians to get ratings for the medications they prescribe every day.

Because they are providing drug ratings to doctors, SERMO has set the gold standard for drug reviews. The quality of their ratings is ensured through:

This has resulted in a robust database built on voluntary reviews over the past 11 months, mainly from the US with another 29 countries opened up for just the past two weeks. Some of the top-line stats for the service are:

SERMO Drug Ratings sample page

There are 345 conditions with active drug ratings, the top 50 are:

SERMO Drug Ratings top 50 conditions by reviews (data as of May 11)

Peer to peer influence is the most powerful kind of influence among physicians. Social is peer to peer, and Drug Ratings is peer to peer reviews of drugs.
– Peter Kirk, SERMO CEO and WorldOne founder

The number of drugs rated in the system is large and growing every day. Since ratings are not shown until a valid review set is available the most common drugs are the first to show up. The current database has:

If we look at groupings, there is a long tail of drugs with 1-9 ratings but interesting bumps at 50-69 (the number at which most drugs will show in the rankings) and another at 100-199 (which is a larger grouping so captures more ratings).

SERMO Drug Ratings, numbers of drugs with a given number of ratings (data as of May 11)

Benefits for Pharma

This service has obvious value for physicians, but what can it do for pharma marketers? There are a number of angles here:

This announcement is big news for pharma marketers. If your drug is one of the 2,253 with substantive ratings you can now see what physicians really think about it. We recommend you reach out to SERMO about this, or talk to your Klick rep and we can make the connection for you.

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