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YouTube is the world’s largest online video repository and, according to comScore, reaches 85% of the US internet audience. Chances are, if you’re using online video you’re hosting it on YouTube.

However, with the new channel layout there is something called “Recent Activity” that you need to be aware of. You need to log in as the corporate account when uploading videos, and these videos will show up in the Recent Activity area. That’s great, but other activities will show up here by default as well. If you forget that you’re logged in, and you like that great Isle of Man TT video then you’ll end up with this on your channel:

The result of watching and liking a video on YouTube while logged in to the company channel

The result of watching and liking a video on YouTube while logged in to the company channel

(And, as an aside, if you have Twitter connected to your YouTube you’ll get an update there too. #oops)

So, if this happens to you there are two things you’ll want to do:

1. Remove the Recent Activity

Follow these steps to remove the activity:

  1. You’re probably already logged in (that’s how this happened), but if not then log in to the account
  2. Go to “My Channel” (found on the pull-down next to your account name)
  3. Click on the House icon and then on “Feed” in the pull-down menu
  4. Find the offending video on the list
  5. Use the down arrow in the top-right of the video’s description area
  6. Click on “Unpublish from channel’s feed” in the pull-down menu

You’re done!

Now that you’ve removed the offending video, it’s time to make sure this doesn’t happen again. First, reinforce the login procedures with all social media personnel, and include the all-important logout step.

2. Turn off Recent Activity

After that, set your channel to not automatically put these activities on your “Recent Activity” list:

  1. Log into your channel (if you’re following your new procedures you should be logged out when you start)
  2. Click on the channel icon on the top-right of the screen
  3. In the pull-down menu, click on “Settings”
  4. On the menu on the left, click on “Privacy”
  5. Change the settings to be un-selected

The screen looks like this:

Turning off automatic sharing of your video likes

Turning off automatic sharing of your video likes

There’s a problem with doing this, however. The new YouTube is becoming more social all the time and by reducing the amount of activity on your channel page it will show up less often in the streams of your subscribers.

Better is to create a social activity calendar and find related materials that you can share and like. This will leverage, rather than disable, the new YouTube features and may result in better YouTube traffic.

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Brad is Klick's Senior Director leading the social practice. His group ensures that clients get the best bang for their buck on the social platforms.

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