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A new report from Sysomos looks at five predictions for 2019 and why they are on the horizon. First though, a prediction of revenue and Facebook and Instagram still look to own the US social market through 2020:



The five actual predictions, however, are:

Timeline algorithms continue to restrict organic content: it is expected that organic content for brands will continue to be restricted and media budget required to get any reach at all.
Social video continues to grow: here at Klick we often say “video is the new image” because almost everything needs to have some motion to capture “share of thumb” (although animated GIFs can fit that bill too).
GIFs are great: this tried-and-true method of getting attention continues to grow in marketers’ media mix.
Influencers under the microscope: marketers continue to be enamored with influencers but issues of quality and fake followers (see below -Ed.) hound the industry.
Transparency and accountability: the platforms are working hard to try and restrict the ability for bad actors to use the platforms to spread misinformation. This will continue into 2020 as an “arms race” develops between the spammers and the platforms. Marketers should mostly be ok but need to remain vigilant.



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