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As the biggest network online, with nearly 1 in 7 people on the planet as members, changes to Facebook are big news in every industry. When the changes are as sweeping and notable as those that occurred this week at the first ever Facebook fMC event, it’s easy to get lost in the wave of articles, opinion pieces, and analyses that inevitably come.

The three big changes all focus on Facebook Pages, the longstanding home to brands on the social network:


While we’ve already covered what Facebook Timeline means for individuals back in September, for brands, there’s a great opportunity to really explain the process behind the product names. In a pharma context, Timeline can walk us through the individuals, discoveries, and hard work that go into creating a treatment that helps people.

If you own a brand page, you need to consider how your page will display in Timeline. Consider the following approach:

For other details about Facebook pages, check out the guide produced by Facebook.

Reach Generator

If you qualify, you can purchase an extra bump to your Facebook results, with a guarantee of reaching 75% of them, by using a new service called Reach Generator. This service uses sponsored stories to ensure that the brand’s message gets in front of its fans.

Premium on Facebook

Premium is also called “Premium Ads” as per the document leaked last week. This service gives preferred access to more areas including:

Ads breaking into mobile is potentially the biggest news of all – with 44% of Facebook’s user base visiting from mobile devices, finding a way to engage users in brand experiences on tablets and smartphones has to be a top priority for the leading social network.

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