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Facebook adding features to make Canvas even more engaging


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Facebook has announced a set of features for it's premium Canvas post format that will allow social content developers to tell even richer stories in the format.


Canvas now measures more things inside the interactive experience:

This can help marketers more accurately detect where users are engaging with their canvas post.


With the relatively large number of options in Canvas posts the creation process can be daunting. For smaller clients Facebook has created the ability to save Templates. We could envision creating Templates for branded posts with ISI or patient testimonials to help with the regulatory review process.


Canvas posts can now link directly to other Canvas posts and this will give marketers the ability to tell more complex stories that involve user choices.

360° Video

Using 360° video marketers can immerse the user right in the action. Panning the mobile phone around will expose more of the video and can encourage exploration of the virtual space.



Canvas video examples available on page

The Facebook article also mentions a great group that shares examples of Canvas posts. Check out the group, but remember that you need to be using your mobile device to experience Canvas:


Facebook group for Canvas examples

For pharma marketers half the battle is explaining what canvas is so that it can be approved. This article in Social Times shows that it’s not just pharma that can have trouble explaining the new format. It’s worth the effort though and we expect to see a few pharma examples in 2017.

Source: Facebook

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