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Accelerating High Performance Sales Teams with SenseiOS

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The number one focus for any sales leader has to be making their number. Meet SenseiOS, Klick's family of apps that makes every rep as good as your best rep. SenseiOS lays the foundation for sales excellence by improving your team’s hiring process, reducing time to revenue for new reps, and helping your first line managers provide better coaching. Learn more about SenseiOS, and download your guide now...

Improve Your Hiring Performance

The wrong rep doesn’t get you closer to your number. The cost of a mis-hired sales rep is up to 6 times their base salary and months of lost time — you can’t afford to get it wrong. To increase your chances of finding exceptional team members you need a collaborative hiring process, where information and feedback about the candidates is shared, and your team follows a consistent and effective interview process.

SenseiOS’ Candidate360 applicant tracking system will help you radically rethink your hiring approach, building on collaborative knowledge sharing and watching your organizational blind spots.




Decrease Time To Revenue

Accelerate the tenure of your teams with SenseiOS’ lightweight learning management system putting the power of knowledge sharing directly in your team’s hands and giving you a faster, more agile way to spread best practices and the information new reps need to be effective.

Tired of asking your learning organization for tools and waiting months? Stop wasting your new team members’ time learning how to work the printers, get access to WiFi, and learn the language and processes unique to your organization. Post a quick video, a spreadsheet, or a presentation, and push it to just a few people or your whole organization in seconds.


Improve Your Team’s Coaching Process

SenseiOS equips your sales leaders with the data and structure they need to coach their teams to perform at their best. By sharing a single dashboard, both team member and manager have equal visibility into Salesforce reports, up-to-date status on all transactions, projects, and deals, as well as a weekly gut-check from each rep on the status of their projects.


Download Your Free Guide

Download your free guide on Accelerating High Performance Sales Teams with SenseiOS and learn how you can prevent mis-hiring, decrease time to revenue, and coach your reps to be better able to make your number.


More About the Author

Jay Goldman

Jay and his team at Klick's Sensei Labs are reinventing the technology of management by helping companies execute and evolve faster with SenseiOS, the enterprise operating system for hyper-growth companies. Jay is also the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller THE DECODED COMPANY: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers (Portfolio/Penguin), which reveals how industry-leading companies are decoding employee work data to personalize, simplify, and enhance the user experience.

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