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Twitter Ads Without Profile

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Social advertising can get efficient engagement, massive reach, and interest targeting that other channels struggle to achieve, but it comes with a price: you typically have to have a profile on the platform that holds your posts. Not anymore for Twitter, brands can now post ads without having a profile with a service called, surprisingly enough, Ads Without Profiles.

This is great news for pharma marketers because it removes the overhead of maintaining a profile if the goal is only to get messaging on the platform. Twitter shared a one-page description of the program with selected agencies and partners and showed how the new ad format will work:

Twitter ads without profiles format removes the ability for users to click through, retweet, or reply

Twitter ads without profiles format removes the ability for users to click through, retweet, or reply

The removal of the interactions on the platform means that brands can now look at Twitter even when the regulatory group is cautious about social. This opens up the platform and marketers can leverage the extensive Twitter targeting.


Twitter has continually developed their ads platform to be of better for advertisers which all started with learning more about their users! By asking one informational question like “your area code is 214, Do you want to set your hometown to New York” made it easier for users to confirm and removed the barrier of getting people to fill out information by using what Twitter had already available.

Now that Twitter knows more about their audience advertisers like us can use the platform to target in new ways and far more effectively.

Some of Twitters newest targeting nuances include:

When these powerful tactics are overlayed with basic targeting already existing on Twitter such as geo targeting, keyword and phrase targeting the power to reach a more engaged and actionable audience becomes far more powerful.

Create an Audience That you Know Will Convert

Create the Audience for your Brand

Twitters targeting abilities continue to grow and won’t stop to improve, but the platform is only as good as your plan to execute. Broad targeting has its advantages but its what’s happens after you’ve driven your awareness that will drive your results.

Social platforms like Twitter know how to drive engagement because that’s exactly what the users come to do in social; engage with content that interests them. Marrying tailored audiences with Twitter audience partner data from Acxiom and Datalogix will give you that best chance of conversion but it all comes down to the data you already have to grow your audience.

The biggest challenge like any social platform is the simplicity and easy to use interface. With a few hours of training and a little knowhow most digitally savvy people could create campaigns that will garner results but we should be looking to create campaigns that return the best data rather than immediate results.

When social is bought and purchased propely, campaigns will grow and only get better and better, a quick and fast launch only has so much potential so take the time and set it up right!

Next Steps

Want in on the beta? Download the Twitter one-pager then contact your Klick Health rep and we’ll work to get you in on the Beta (depending on availability).

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