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Stay the course – FDA “webinar” on 2014 social guidance

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Yesterday there was supposed to be an FDA Social Media Guidance Webinar, however the technology wasn’t cooperating and it didn’t happen. Instead, the FDA posted the presentation to their website without any audio commentary.

We have added commentary on the FDA’s Q&A document at the end of this post.

The FDA's presentation on draft social media guidances issued in 2014

The FDA’s presentation on draft social media guidances issued in 2014

Looking through this presentation, there are no real surprises and unfortunately no answers to the questions we have. The presentation was split into three sections based on the three guidances:

It’s good to see the presenters’ names attached to the guidances, they lend a human face to the work that the FDA is doing and make the regulator seem more approachable. There are no posts yet from these three on the FDA Blog, but we’re hopeful they will add to the FDA’s Voice.

The two new guidances on space limitations and correcting information have an official deadline for comments: September 16, 2014.

So, Klick Health will be compiling our questions and concerns to be added to the docket before the deadline. We’re still hopeful the FDA will reschedule so that we can ask questions directly, but until then we’re still creating social plans based on our current understanding.

UPDATE – Q&A Document

After the original presentation was posted, the FDA added a Q&A document. There isn’t any detail on where the questions come from, but they don’t look like they were supplied by industry, instead the look like “softball” questions included to reinforce the FDA’s main messages.

The questions included for each draft guidance and the “short form” of the answer for marketers who have been following these developments. If you want to see the Q&A, they can be found on the Social Media Guidance Webinar information page:

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