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Genome is Klick Health’s operating system. It’s our intranet, our workflow management, our learning system, and so much more. Genome is our coach, and is a huge contributor to our success. Genome makes data relevant, and empowers our team to deliver amazing work, on time and on budget, with no surprises.

Genome is an innovative 100% in-house developed intranet system led by our COO, Aaron Goldstein. that allows Klick to do things very differently than the typical agency – most famously, calling for a ban of internal emails (as described in MacWorld, Financial Times, and Inc. Magazine).

Want even more information on Genome? Here’s a brief Genome backstory:

We started out with a simple idea: we despise e-mail. It seemed like an incremental improvement on the office memo. We challenged ourselves to find what was right for us –just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

But we didn’t just want to get rid of e-mail and replace it with another product, or suite of products; we wanted to create a centralized set of tools tailored to the task, to allow for big picture oversight of all the moving parts. The only solution was to build a custom in-house intranet system that can address ALL of our business requirements in one place and allows us to codify our battle scars, predictively model outcomes and ensure that we’ve got the right data to drive our direction.

At its core, Genome is a task management system that allows for the organization and prioritization of key tasks. It provides clear accountability, shows the relationship between tasks and employees and avoids the pitfalls of vague emails sent to multiple recipients. It also serves as a critical process enforcement tool, managing everything from project budgets and invoicing, to time tracking and scheduling, to even automatically ordering lunch for you when you scan into the building!

So our first A-HA moment was annihilating e-mail, but once we centralized everything through Genome, we realized we were sitting on a gold mine: data. Tons and tons of data. This data has allowed us to streamline processes, provide personalized data-driven experiences for our employees (think about what you see when you log in to Amazon.com, and imagine if your work was that smart) and even incorporate more fun in our business.

This was just the beginning for us; Genome grows and evolves as we do – Genome is a part of everything we do, it’s truly a part of Klick’s DNA.

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Jillian Mojeski

Jillian Mojeski is the Communications Coordinator; responsible for managing PR, media relations, internal communications, corporate social responsibility and supporting the Culture and Engagement team at Klick.

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