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Reps and digital – seven pros’ visions


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The eyeforpharma folks have put together a paper on reps and pharma called "Pharma's New Data Rep." This paper explores how technology can enhance the rep channel and the new skills needed to thrive in this environment.

The role of digital and new channels must also be clearly defined to avoid disenfranchising reps. “Often, reps view digital with a terrible fear that it will replace them,” says [Céline Genty, Vice President, Customer Excellence EMEA, at Janssen]. “So, we need to clarify what the role of the reps is in this digital journey. What is your company’s model? Are reps just promoting your brands and digital is separate, or do you integrate reps into the center of your digital model?”

“Reps need to understand multichannel marketing and what their role is in that,” agrees [Jennifer Grech, Head of Commercial Excellence, at Mylan Australia]. “They need to maximize where they can have the most value and be comfortable with the fact that they might not be the right channel for some customers. You’ve got to put your ego aside and say, ‘Well face-to-face is not working with a particular healthcare professional, however I know they like self-service – to go to the website or education meetings – so I’ll put my efforts where I know the human resource is most valuable.'”


For both marketers and sales pros this paper has some insightful commentary from seven client-side industry experts.



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