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As access rates drop, digital NPP becomes more important


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As of this spring the number of accessible physicians (see 70% of reps or more) has dropped to 44% and is following a trend of tougher access restrictions:


Image scaled from ZS Associates

Not all specialties are the same, however. Some of the least accessible physicians are oncologists, nephrologists, and pediatricians. Even primary care physicians are harder to see than the average:


Image scaled from ZS Associates

“As physicians limit access to sales reps, pharmacos should embrace a customized, thoughtful marketing approach to deliver the right message to the right provider at the right time,” [associate principal at ZS Malcolm] Sturgis said. “This will increase the likelihood that health care providers will continue to respond positively to communications from pharmaceutical companies despite frequent contact from sales reps.” (from the ZS press release)

The takeaway for HCP marketers is that as physicians become more restrictive in who they will see more options need to be explored to get access on their terms, at their times, and via their devices. Essentially a “micro moments” approach for the professional audience.

Source: ZS Associates

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