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Amazon enters the smartphone market


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On June 18 Amazon announced a new smartphone based on the Google Android platform called the Fire Phone. Like the Kindle Fire tablet, this phone will connect to Amazon’s content market and allow it to compete directly with Apple’s iTunes in integrated features.

This smartphone highlights the value of integration with it’s new Firefly service. Firefly allows users to point the phone at many different objects such as barcodes, music titles, email addresses, and even wine labels and, if the product is available in the Amazon system, order it from the phone.

The phone sports a 3D feature as well, dubbed Dynamic Perspective, that uses four cameras to track the angle of the phone to the user’s face. It will be interesting to see if this is just a gimmick or whether it creates an experience that is better for the user.


Many more details are available on the Amazon product page.

Source: BrandChannel

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