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The Web at 25: 90% say it’s good for them


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For 90% of respondents, the Internet is a good thing for them personally, and for 76% it’s a good thing for society in general. The difference is interesting but hardly surprising, humans have an inherent bias towards their own needs and perceived abilities. The fact that 90% of individuals think the Internet is good for them essentially guarantees its longevity (not that that was in doubt):


This perception of value has helped the Web (only part of the Internet) grow exponentially since Sir Tim Berners-Lee released the HyperText Transfer Protocol (http:) in 1989. PEW has been studying the effects of the Internet on society since 1995 and shows the rise of usage and current saturation of the Internet:


Once established, it seems that this communications technology has become the most important one for US consumers:


If the Internet is harder to give up than TV or cell phones (although they are becoming indistinguishable) we have to ask ourselves, are our marketing budgets aligned with users’ priorities?

Source: PEW Internet Project

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