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Nurses are viewing your HCP sites more than doctors

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According to recent studies by Manhattan Research, allied health professionals use your online materials more than physicians… a lot more. Before we dive into the numbers that Manhattan released we need to define “allied health”. This term is used for all the related disciplines that work with doctors to deliver healthcare such as physician assistants, registered nurses, physical therapists, speech pathologists, etc. Every specialty has a number of different allied health disciplines that are used as part of therapy. Specifically, Manhattan defines allied health as the ones that have the most patient contact and work most closely with the doctors:

They use your materials weekly

First, the good news, one in four HCPs use your pharma-related materials weekly. That’s actually good engagement from a population that is eternally busy and who know that pharma websites change at a glacial pace. This is in addition to the general health portals, like WebMD, and HCP-specific services, like ePocrates.

Now the better news, one in three RNs use your pharma-related materials weekly. That’s 37% of the population looking up materials provided by industry each week. It’s safe to say that over the course of a year your materials will be exposed to most of your target audience.

What does this mean for healthcare marketers?

Provide high quality reference material on your sites that will satisfy the known demands of HCPs and allied health workers:

What may be more challenging is to provide materials that are fresh such as new studies and leading scientific information in the specialty. HCPs crave these but it can be time consuming to get them through MRL.

They use mobile materials when talking with patients

The vast majority of PAs (three in four, or 74%) use a smartphone during patient consultations. This small screen is handy for quickly showing information but it can be challenging to provide materials that are easy to read. Know that most of these PAs will show the screen to the patient.

What does this mean for healthcare marketers?

Ensure that your materials are both mobile friendly and contain reference images that the PAs can show to patients when explaining their conditions and treatments.

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