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This story is a bit like a selfie taken in front of parallel mirrors (or, in programming terms, recursive -Ed.) but here are the results of the Klick Wire Redesign survey we've been running over the past few weeks (plus some Pardot insights that seemed interesting -Ed.).

Most readers like the new design (as of issue 300):




But, when we look at the reactions, it looks like images could be improved:




Interpreting these results, it looks like there are some improvements we could make to the images. We typically trade off absolute size for length because the Wire is already very long. The trouble might come when the images get too small and the text is difficult to read (like above -Ed.).

Finally, here are the email clients that our readers are using:




Apple and Outlook seem to own the Wire audience. All in all not bad, but we should probably analyze the survey against email client to see if we’re rendering poorly on one particular client, such as Outlook or Apple Mail (sure, right after the billable work is done -Ed.).


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