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Healthcare marketers continue migration to digital & social


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MM&M has come out with its annual survey of marketers' budget plans and expectations for 2016. The overall trend is toward digital, as it has been for years, but we're also seeing a significant bump in social as well.

The top two audiences that healthcare marketers are targeting:

HCP marketing


Image modified, source at MM&M

Digital is critical with an overall 86% using it. Meetings are still important at 80%. The interesting numbers are social media at 51% for HCPs while digital ads are listed at 50%. We wonder if there was an issue with how the questions were asked because our perception of the market is that digital ads are more common than social activities for HCP marketing. It could be possible that social ads such as those run on Facebook were considered “social” rather than “digital ads.”

Patient marketing


Image modified, source at MM&M

The big story here isn’t that net digital activities are higher than net traditional, but that social media for patients saw 69% of respondents seeing a shift towards the channel. This matches what we are seeing in the market but, as seen in the HCP data, we wonder if digital ads really are below social in usage.

Challenges & opportunities

In terms of challenges the #2 challenge was seen as “beyond the pill innovations.” It seems like marketers are feeling the pressure to provide more value in their products but are not sure how to go about it.

In terms of opportunity, however, there are a couple of interesting findings:


Image modified, source at MM&M

This is only a subset of the findings in the MM&M survey. If you’re a healthcare marketer this full report is required reading:

Other stories from MM&M:

Source: MM&M

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