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Global HCP insights from Manhattan Research (DRG)


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It's always good to sign up for Manhattan Research webinars even if you can't attend because you'll get a reminder about the presentation afterward. This deck was from their webinar titled "Best practices for global physician engagement and tailoring programs by country."

The stats are from Ex-US locations but are interesting nonetheless.

Three main themes emerge from the teaser report:

Here are some selected charts from the DRG teaser report. Grab your own copy to get the whole story.

HCPs visit pharma sites

75% of HCPs in Brazil visit pharma sites for specific product information. 66% (approx.) in Canada and Australia do the same. The main content HCPs want to see on these sites is:Patient tools

The HCPs that said they would visit pharma sites more frequently if it was easier to access and share resources for patients:

The numbers of HCPs who said they wanted to find tools (digital and paper-based) to help track adherence:Sponsored content

Sponsored content gets a surprisingly warm reception from HCPs when its found on their favorite HCP websites (such as Medscape). The numbers who said they are interested in accessing this information:

Those that said they visited a pharma property after seeing this information are substantial (I’m reading the blue as visited -Ed.):That’s a long Wire story but worth it. The full report is downloadable from the Manhattan Research (DRG) website.

Source: Manhattan Research (DRG)

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