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A new survey of 150 physicians from Sermo* looks at how they use digital technologies throughout the day. The net net (real estate term for "all in" -Ed.) of the report is that doctors are just like you and me: always on.

Morning and night they are on digital:




When asked how much time they spend on social media (all platforms, not just Sermo) physicians were similar to the population as a whole with 61% between 1-4 hours:




When asked how they use Sermo the respondents mirror public platforms with most consuming and an active minority contributing and curating (sharing) material.




One note about the 90/9/1 numbers for all social above: these numbers are quoted as from a PM360 story from 2017 but are not referenced in that source and are suspiciously identical to the famous 2006 “participation inequality” rule from the Nielsen Norman Group from forum usage studies. It’s likely the PM360 authors were simply expanding on that heuristic without identifying it. Takeaway? Just use the Sermo numbers.

The final item we’re going to highlight in this Wire is what HCPs say they want more of from Pharma. The fact that CME wasn’t #1 was a surprise to us and these results show that pharma brands have ample opportunity to get fresh data and insights in front of their physician audiences. And the best place to do that? Physician social media (we weren’t sponsored to say that -Ed.). These results come from a single-selection list so pay attention, the respondents really want this information:




This report is a “must read” for HCP marketers who want to know more about what their audiences are doing in digital (plus, learn what TV doctor they like the most -Ed.).

* The Sermo folks really want us to use SERMO but it’s not an acronym and we feel like we’re shouting the name when we spell it all-caps so sorry Sermo folks -Author.



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