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97% of online boomers access daily


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McAfee, a PC security company, commissioned a study on the 50+ crowd to find out how their digital profile compares to the younger generations. While their purpose was to show that the older users need the same protection as younger ones (they sell security products after all) they also shed some light on internet use by a critical demographic for healthcare marketers.

A word of warning, the statistics quoted have to be among online users. We know from PEW Internet Project data that 97% of boomers and seniors are not online, but what the McAfee data shows is that, for those that are, their behavior is remarkably similar to the younger cohorts.

Online boomers and seniors spend a lot of time there:


They are not afraid to interact:

Boomers’ affinity for financial transactions online indicates a growing sense of comfort with a variety of activities on the web among this group.

But, they are a bit less mobile:


Source: eMarketer with data from the McAfee blog.

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