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94% of working mothers make healthcare decisions for others


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We've often said that the "gatekeeper" for health decisions in a typical family is the mother and now some research, sponsored by many of our subscribers, shows just that. In terms of health decision-making, women make the vast majority:

But, some healthcare marketers have a trust issue. The easiest sources of information are not the most trusted. 53% of global women turn to the internet for health information, but only 31% trust the
information they find there. This speaks to the concept of triangulation that we often talk about. In terms of trust, different sources are trusted at different amounts:


Infographic of the report findings

The pattern found here is common to much digital health research: the easy to access channels are trusted the least but used extensively. Healthcare marketers need to speak to their audiences in their own language and open up opportunities for triangulation of health information to build that trust that these gatekeepers crave.

Source: Center for Talent Innovation

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