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Update Sept. 26: the whiteboards from the brainstorming sessions.

It was a great honor and privilege for us to organize and participate in the ePatient Bill of Rights conversation that preceded this year’s ePatient Connections conference. Along with our partners from HealthCentral and the Digital Health Coalition, we were joined by 20 unbelievably engaged, educated, and empowered ePatients who helped us to really understand the world through their eyes.

Engaged ePatients

Deeply engaged ePatients. ©2011, Klick Pharma. All rights reserved.

Working closely with Lucie Leblois at HealthCentral and Bob Brooks at WEGOHealth (who is owed a big thank you from our team!), we were able to recruit some extremely savvy and opinionated activists from a wide variety of disease states. Our conversationalists for the day:

Name & Twitter Disease State Blog
Eileen Bailey ADHD HealthCentral
Ann Bartlett Diabetes HealthCentral
Phil Baumann Men’s Health PhilBaumann.com
Robert Breining HIV/AIDS The Body
Donna Cryer Ulcerative Colitis DC Patient
Dave deBronkart Cancer ePatient Dave
Bennet Dunlap Diabetes Your Diabetes May Vary (YDMV)
Lisa Emrich Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Brass and Ivory: Living with MS & RA
Amy Gurowitz Multiple Sclerosis MS-LOL
PJ Hamel Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis PJ on HealthCentral
Mark King HIV/AIDS My Fabulous Disease
Sarah Krug Society of Participatory Medicine
Tiffany Peterson Lupus TiffanyAndLupus
Jenny Pettit Sjogren’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia UII – Understanding Invisible Illnesses
Casey Quinlan Cancer Mighty Mouth Blog
Teri Robert Migraine Help for Headaches
Rudy Sims Cerebral Palsy rudysims.com
Michael Weiss Chron’s Disease Hospital Patient
Kelly Young Rheumatoid Arthritis RA Warrior

As ePatient Dave said today at the conference, the train may not have ended up where we expected it to but the train ride was an amazing conversation. If you’re at the ePatient Conference, please drop by the Klick Pharma booth at the back of the Grand Ballroom to see the results of our chat. After an intense four hours, we were able to reach consensus on the following key messages as a foundation to a Digital Patient Bill of Rights:

We will be launching a Facebook page in the next week for everyone to show their support and become involved in the process. Our goal is to turn this into a vetted, published document in the next month or so, so stay tuned for more information!

The Bill of Rights Whiteboard

Brainstorming and quotes

What are our messages?

Brainstorm the How

The draft Bill of Rights

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