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Engagement marketing ups the ante in pharma

SVP, Managing Director, Klick Learning Solutions

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The principles driving marketing have not changed much over the past century. The 4P’s of Marketing - Product, Price, Place and Promotion are still as core to overall marketing strategy today as when the phrase was coined by Neil Borden in 1953.

But principles aside, EVERYTHING else about the way we market has been turned on its head. What, for decades, we ‘data geeks’ knew and loved as Direct Marketing has been blown apart with the Internet, email and new data technologies.

As our industry has evolved, functional terms like “database”, “direct” and “target” have been replaced with more sophisticated terms such as “data-driven”, “insights-driven”, “intelligent” and “relationship”. But today, with the advances in marketing technology, behavioral and social listening techniques and data science, even those terms don’t quite seem strong enough to describe what we need to build for our Patient and Healthcare Provider (HCP) audiences.

Just providing the right message in the right place at the right time is no longer good enough. We need to find ways not only capture our Patients and HCPs attention – but to co-create the journey with them as engaged, active participants.

That is why we like to call our art “Engagement Marketing.”

The 4C’s of Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing thrives at the intersection of a new 4C’s of Marketing – Customer, Consideration, Channel and Convenience. And, by layering in customer’s self reporting data and interpreting their engagement behavior, we can drive the personalized experiences that are not only becoming expected but also are necessary to truly connect with our demanding customers.

Engagement Planning Framework

The construct of the 4C’s of Engagement Marketing opens the door to plan using a new strategic framework. The table below illustrates some of the new questions to be considered in developing an engagement marketing program.

Engagement Marketing Blog_EMGraphic2

The 4C’s in Pharma Marketing

Marketing Driver Question To Be Answered How We Answer Them Examples
Customer Who are we engaging with? Consumers Patient, Caregivers
Professionals HCPs, Administrators
Consideration What stage of product consideration is the customer in? Patient Journey Diagnosis, Treatment Awareness, Trial, Adoption, Adherence, Advocacy
HCP Adoption Disease State Awareness, Product Awareness, Treatment/Procedure Education, Trial, Adoption, Thought Leadership
Channel Where are we engaging with customers? Physical Point of Care, Peer Support, Community, Call Centers, Broadcast, Direct Mail, KOL Events
Digital Websites, Portals, Apps, Forums, Social, Emails, SMS, Push Messages
Convenience How do our customers want to engage with us, right now? Timing Time of day/day of week, Stage of consideration
Location Work vs. personal email, Office vs. home address
Device Mobile, tablet, desktop, kiosk
Format Person, text, graphic, audio, video)
Service Model Self-Service, Full-Service
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