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Last Wednesday, June 13, ICANN released the new global top-level-domains that have been requested. When reading this post remember that each application represents a $185,000 investment up front for the evaluation fees and the infrastructure to maintain the DNS services so these are not trivial investments. Even with the high bar the number of applications has exceeded expectations. We downloaded the full list and have been analyzing it to gauge the impact for healthcare marketers.

Here are some of the pharma and healthcare groups who have registered names with notes.


Company Domain Competitors Notes
Abbott Laboratories ABBOTT 0 Its current name and the future name for its R&D based spinoff.
Abbott Laboratories ABBVIE 0
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG BOEHRINGER 0
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company BMS 0
Eli Lilly and Company CIALIS 0 Lilly is the only pharma company that is registering one of its brands
Eli Lilly and Company LILLY 0
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.,Inc. HISAMITSU 0
Merck KGaA MERCK 1 It looks like Fairwinds Partners is actually the US Merck bidding against the Merck Group (MGD) in Germany
Merck KGaA EMERCK 0 E. Merck KG is the major shareholder of Merck KG
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation MTPC 0
Pfizer Inc. PFIZER 0
Sanofi SANOFI 0
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited TEVA 0

Health Insurance

Company Domain Competitors Notes
Aetna Life Insurance Company AETNA 0
WellPoint, Inc. ANTHEM 0 Wellpoint’s acquisition of CareMore Health Group for $800 million is still top of mind for the company
WellPoint, Inc. CAREMORE 0

Not for Profit Associations

Company Domain Competitors Notes
American Heart Association, Inc. HEART 0 A little bit surprised there is no competition here
American Heart Association, Inc. STROKE 0
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy PHARMACY 0 Very surprised there is no competition here, apparently the online pharmacy business isn’t as lucrative as previously thought

Is Merck US Bidding Against Merck Germany?

The only pharmaceutical company that has multiple bids for its name is Merck. A little investigation turns up the following facts:

The only question really is why does Merck US feel it necessary to avoid stepping forward and putting their name on the application? The full story will come out during the comment and dispute phases. You can see current comments on the ICANN site.

Some gTLD Fun Facts

Does any of this surprise you? What do you think will happen in the comment and dispute process?

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