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‘Digital pill’ gets FDA approval

Proteus Digital Health scored a big victory this week when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted approval for the company’s “ingestible sensor” invention. The 1 square millimeter device – roughly the size of a grain of sand – can relay information about your insides to you, and if you choose, to your doctor or nurse.


Facebook tablet ads get more views, less recall

An online tracking study from July found that while US participants were more likely to view and dwell on ads on tablets than on the desktop web, ad recall was lower. Given Facebook (and most observers) are convinced mobile needs to be a key part of the company’s future growth, these findings indicate new mobile ad formats are essential for Facebook’s ongoing success.

Also from eMarketer:


Mango Health aims to gamify adherence with mobile apps

Mango Health, founded by former executives of mobile gaming company Ngmoco, raised $1.45 million in venture capital funding to bring a range of consumer-focused mobile health apps to market. The first app, entering beta testing this month, focuses on adherence, and uses gamification mechanics to encourage users to monitor information related to medication use.


7 tips to maximize push notifications

Marketing Profs has developed a helpful list of 7 key guidelines to ensure you’re using push notifications in your mobile app, as effectively as possible:

Marketing Profs

75% of physicians say EHR results in better care

A CDC survey of Electronic Health Record adoption had some enlightening findings, both in terms of uptake, and results:

AMA News

Datalogix and TiVo target online ads based on TV habits

Bridging the gap between digital and traditional, analytics company Datalogix is teaming up with TiVo to allow online targeting based on television viewing habits. While the targeting isn’t exact, the system compares 50 million cookies collected by Datalogix with TV viewing data from 4 million homes to determine consumer behavior.

By combining these data sets, integrated campaigns can more accurately hit the right target – essentially taking retargeting to a cross-platform extreme.

Ad Age

Longer subject lines get more clicks in B2C

Counter-intuitive it may be, but a July 2012 survey of 932 million emails sent over six months indicates that B2C email marketing messages with subject lines of 60 to 150 characters outperform those with shorter subject lines. Some further stats:

Marketing Charts

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