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“We only hire the best.” In 20+ years in recruiting I’ve heard this more times than I can remember and found it to be true less times than I can count on one hand. Finding the right people is part of the secret sauce that makes Klick special. I joined Klick a few months ago as the Director of Talent Acquisition in large part because I had never heard of an organization that had Klick’s commitment to identifying and hiring exceptional talent, and to using testing in the selection process to ensure that’s what happens. Klick has the most consistent application of role based testing across all positions I’ve ever come across.

At a time when the concept of testing has come under question, most recently in a series of articles on LinkedIn about Google’s realization that the testing they were doing had no correlation to success on the job, you might start to wonder why I’m such a big fan of testing and why Klick continues to put more time and energy into this process. The truth is – and this does come out subtly in the article – that far too often testing in the selection process consists of an abstract thinking test or an exercise in the hypothetical application of skills that do not bear much resemblance to what the person would actually do on the job. Think the infamous “Why are manhole covers round” question or “How many tennis balls would it take to fill this room” or my personal pet peeve, managers who say the job they’re hiring for is stressful, so they make the interview process stressful to see how people handle themselves. Needless to say, the stress of an aggressive interview is not much like the stress of developing quality code on time or trying to figure out a client’s business objective and turn it into a marketing opportunity.

Testing at Klick consists largely of case study exercises that mimic the kind of work the individual would do on a daily basis. Giving people an opportunity to walk their talk not only gives us the chance to see them in action and VERY quickly see if they rock or stumble, but also gives the candidates a window of insight into the job and our standards for performing it.

While I’ve only been here for 4 months, I can confidently state that the thoughtful investment in relevant testing Klick applies to the hiring it continues to do at an electric pace clearly makes a difference. One of the most commonly heard comments from old and new staff about what makes Klick such a great place to work is the uniformly high calibre of people they get to work with. Imagine a company with no “dead weight” and you start to understand what it’s like to work at Klick and why the list of awards and accolades we get for our work is so long.

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James Fehrenbach

James has spent 20+ years helping organizations find the people they need to meet their business objectives. He brings a deep understanding of the job search process to everything from writing job postings that create a vivid image of the role, to developing the strategy to market those stories to the right people.

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