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Adrian Griggs

Director, Strategy & Business Development (KLS)

Adrian joined Klick Learning Strategies in 2013. He successfully combines his creativity with his strong knowledge of industry-leading technology solutions to provide value-added solutions for a wide variety of clients. Prior to joining Klick Learning Solutions, Adrian spent his time at IBM, Skillsoft, Redwood Systems and Infinite Media.

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Adriana Munoz-Tayraco

Social Media Specialist

Adriana has been helping both startups and established companies in the Health and Technology industries in Canada and the United States embrace and navigate social media as part of an overall digital strategy. At Klick Health, Adriana is now pushing the boundaries to provide clients with the voice they need in a constantly evolving social media space, utilizing her knowledge and experience of social media analytics and metrics tools to generate valuable reports to help guide her client’s next steps. Adriana earned a BA in Administrative Studies, Honours Marketing from York University and a Computer Graphics Design & Layout certificate from Seneca College.

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Ainsley Sommer

Group Account Director

With an honors degree in molecular biology and genetics, Ainsley’s career has spanned work as a pharmaceutical sales representative, overseas experience with a wholesale pharmaceutical distribution center and with health care professional services with IMS Health, InViVo Communications, and now - Klick Health. Ainsley is a key member of the Client Services team at Klick. She loves to travel with her husband and daughter, is a major foodie, and has recently developed an appreciation for 6am workouts - really.

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Bob Brooks

EVP, WEGO Health

Bob Brooks is seasoned new media expert with over 25 years of experience in healthcare. As EVP at WEGO Health, he’s dedicated to empowering Health Activists, while helping life science organizations engage with these integral health advisors. Prior to WEGO Health, Bob was Director of Integrated Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline, where he created interactive patient and physician programs.

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Clarissa Moodie

Medical Editor

Clarissa Moodie was trained as a physician at Queen's University, but went through a large self-reinvention project when she arrived in Toronto and started her residency in family medicine. After careful deliberation, she decided that her life was headed in a different direction as a medical editor at Klick and she has been enjoying herself ever since. Her writing tends towards down-to-earth and accessible pieces with a medical streak. She loves ultimate frisbee, anything food related and has been culturing a recent interest in the NFL. She lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and her cat, Harold.

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Dori Cappola

VP, Media

With nearly 15 years media experience Dori brings a unique perspective on bring direct response elements and optimization tactics to the pharmaceutical space. Focusing on marketing mix, Dori works closely with the rest of the media team to bring the best in class solutions, both on and offline to each and every Klick client. At Klick she oversees a host of brands and indication areas.

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Franz McNeill-Buettner

Lead Generator, Marketing Solutions

Franz is a member of the lead generation team at Klick Health, and works to support Klick's marketing of its own brand through various campaigns. He brings his previous skills in client services and account management, and combines them with his genuine enthusiasm for building relationships and helping clients find solutions that fit their needs.

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Glen Webster

VP, Strategic Planning

After 19 years, Glen maintain's a management consultant's perspective on the world due to early career experiences with Price Waterhouse and, after his MBA, at Deloitte Consulting. As a generalist at Klick he's always looking for ways to improve efficiency, solve problems, and generally facilitate growth.

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Glenn Zujew

Vice President, Creative Services

Glenn is a 20-year veteran of the new media and health industry. He oversees Klick Health's Creative Services team, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology as well as driving our creative vision and identity. Glenn's team designs and produces interactive communications for the web, intranet/extranet, mobile, and all forms of new media.

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Greg Rice

SVP, Strategy

Greg has a proven track record in the planning and execution of more than 20 pharma and medical device brand launches on both client and agency side. He started as a pharmacist, then moved to Eli Lilly, positions included CME Management, Brand Marketing, and New Product Planning and finally a country Managing Director at Euro RSCG Life.

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Jay Goldman

SVP Innovation

Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jay leads our strategic efforts in mobile and social media, product development, and research and insights.

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Joanna Fuke

VP, Relationship Management

My passion for data derived and insight driven relationship marketing to drive customer loyalty and business profitable started over 25 years ago when working in financial services where myriad data was available and its use and manipulation to understand and drive deeper brand relationships was being pioneered.

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Johanna Maulawin

Display Channel Lead

Johanna Maulawin oversees the Display Channel practice with a passion for understanding the audience and how the constant evolving digital channel can be used to engage them. With almost twenty years experience in traditional and digital media, her approach is to assess all touchpoints holistically, and how each channel contributes and impacts the other, to drive our audiences to action.

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Keith Liu

Vice President, Labs

Keith Liu heads up Klick Labs, the digital innovation group at Klick Health. He is a management professional who has focused on strategic planning, marketing, innovation and development for the last 15 years. During this time, he has worked on brands such as Nike, Sony, United Health Group, Microsoft, Bombardier, Boeing and Starbucks.

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Mike Ott

SEM Channel Lead

Mike Ott buys traffic depending on how engaged the user is and what the clients objectives are. For him, it’s all about the end result: when he can produce a profitable campaign for a client. He's been doing SEM for over a decade now and loves that the industry is constantly changing and coming out with new innovations.

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Nick Randazzo

Senior Copywriter

Nick joined the creative department at Klick in 2013, bringing 8 years of experience in medical communications and advertising. He specializes in developing creative content solidly rooted in evidence-based science, translating complex subject matter into memorable messages that resonate with both professional and consumer audiences.

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Peter Cheung

Director, Analytics

Peter's role as Director of Analytics at Klick Health allows him to focus on unlocking insights from an ever increasing pool of information. Peter's passionate about identifying key opportunities for our clients by asking the right questions and finding creative answers driven by data and sound analytical thinking.

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Peter Flaschner

SVP, Customer Experience

Peter is a digital veteran, with 15 years experience in design and strategy. He's passionate about getting to the heart of a problem, finding the human hooks, and crafting amazing experiences. He's a self-confessed nerd with a fascination for what makes people tick, a terrible musician, a decent photographer, and a very proud dad.

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Robert Kadar

Sr. Director, Client Engagement

With a wealth of digital healthcare experience, Robert leads the Client Engagement and onboarding process for leading area bio-pharmaceutical organizations. Working closely with the Strategy, Media, Research, and Creative teams, Robert is responsible for orchestrating the initial touch-points between the new client partner and the various Klick Health teams.

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Ron Zahoruk

Project Coordinator

Ron has over 8 years of experience in academic & industrial scientific research, healthcare and project management, and has always been passionate about the pharmaceutical industry. He presently works in Klick Health's Project Management Office, directly involved with some of the firm's largest clients.

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Sharon Virtue

Search Strategy Lead

Sharon comes to Klick armed with fifteen years of designing and executing best practice, long term SEM strategies (both SEO and Paid Search) for Fortune 500 clients & large enterprises that include Microsoft, Business Objects, Nikon and Vonage. As Search Strategy Lead, Sharon navigates the Google-centric waters to ensure that Klick clients achieve maximum visibility in the search results.

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Terri Tu

Creative Director

Terri has been bringing to life creative interactive experiences for 11 years. She has worked at leading digital and advertising agencies such as Blast Radius, Critical Mass, and MacLaren McCann. She has been able to bring her art direction expertise and fine art background to brands such as BMW, Starbucks, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, P&G, and Sharpie.

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