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Patient Support Programs

Klick Health uses a cross-departmental team to find and develop a unique approach for each brand that reaches across the digital landscape.

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While providing patients with support programs is not a new phenomenon, the evolution of technology has increased the access to and potential value of these programs.

Many Patient Support Programs include elements such as:

  • disease information and resources
  • value-add tools and services
  • access to nurses or other healthcare professionals via phone or online chat
  • financial assistance, co-pay or savings programs
  • devices such as blood glucose monitors, wireless health trackers, etc.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Patient Support Programs will continue to play an important role in brands’ overall acquisition and retention strategies. However, to increase uptake and usage of these programs, they need to ensure that the patient not only sees a strong value to the program, but that the program also respects their time and commitments as much as possible.

The advent of automated and wireless health devices are reducing the onus on the patient to manually input important health data, and creating a greater opportunity for patients to see important trends in their health management.

Klick Health’s Unbranded Disease Education Programs Approach

As with any tactic, the development of a Patient Support Program should be well-informed through research and data.

That means understanding the patient’s needs/wants, identifying gaps in current competitive offerings, and taking into account regulatory or other environmental considerations. A team of experts is also required to design and deliver a successful program, including:

  • Strategists to align user needs with brand objectives in order develop a compelling program concept.
  • User Experience specialists to develop the wireframe/layout for any support materials, site, or emails.
  • Relationship Marketing specialists to define the on-going outreach mechanisms, content strategy, message sequencing, cadence and frequency.
  • Creative to create a visually engaging experience that evokes both a rational and emotional connection.
  • Copywriters to create unique and relevant content for the program.
  • Data & Analytics to develop an optimal measurement model to track, collect, and analyze program data.

How We’re Different

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
Standard approach/vendors Unique approach for each brand
Focus on endemic health partners Reach across the digital landscape
Basic analytics/tracking Robust analytics platform

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