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As smartphone usage continues to skyrocket, so does the use of mobile applications. The functionality available with apps has the potential to provide a strong value proposition to the user.  The healthcare industry has been among the most active producers of apps, due to their ability to provide patients with valuable support in their health management and treatment plans.

Klick Health’s Point-of-View

Just like any other initiative, the creation of an app should be approached with information and research. Is there an unmet need in the marketplace that a tool or resource could potentially fill? Is there a solid rationale for building an application? Will the audience find the app valuable – will they actually use it?

Once you have a solid rationale for your app, a key decision on the type of app is required. There are two main types of apps:

  • Native app: the application is built for specific devices, and must be downloaded to a device.
  • Web-based app: the application is hosted within a website, and accessed by connecting to a URL.

The advantages of a native app is that it can leverage the built-in functionality in a phone, such as the GPS or camera, and it also provides the ability for push out notifications to a user’s home screen on their smart phone. The main limitation is that a native app is built for a specific platform/device. So if you want this app to be accessible to many mobile users, you may need to build it multiple times for different operating systems (e.g. Apple, Android, Blackberry). The advantage of a web-based application is that it can be translated to many different devices and screens. Web-based apps are accessed the same way as a mobile website, but they are typically configured to look and act more like an ‘app’ than a ‘website’.

Attempting to combine the advantages of both, there is now a third app option available – a “hybrid” between a native and a web-based app. This hybrid app retains the flexibility of a web-based app, but increases access to functionality typically reserved for native apps.

Klick Health’s Mobile Application Development Approach

Our mobile experts undertake research and analysis to understand potential gaps in the marketplace that could provide an opportunity for a mobile app. With a strong concept in hand, our team will work collaboratively to determine the most appropriate type of app to create, ensuring cross-stakeholder input through the design and build process. Klick Health will design a promotional program to raise awareness about the app and build interest. And most importantly, Klick Health determines KPIs for the program from the outset, working with the client to set targets for app uptake and usage.

How We’re Different

For more information on our perspective on mobile, download our guide, Getting Started in Mobile Marketing.

Typical Approach Klick Health Solution
App for the sake of an app App to meet an unmet need
“Build it and they will come” Build awareness and interest
Measure response post-launch Set KPIs and targets pre-launch

For more information on our perspective on mobile, download our guide, Getting Started in Mobile Marketing or , please contact us!