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EHR FAQ: Asking the Right Questions

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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are a central component of the point of care experience, and a powerful opportunity for brands to engage healthcare professionals and their patients where it matters most. Klick's VP of Media Planning, Johanna Maulawin continues her blog series on media innovation and strategy, asking key questions on EHR campaigns and partnerships...

What Are Your Objectives?

In a previous post, I mentioned that using an awareness approach in EHRs to keep your brand top of mind can be an effective channel in not just generating awareness, but also changing script behavior to drive positive ROI.  However, you can do much more with EHRs and EHR-partners.

Further down the workflow, you can reach physicians who are at the point of prescribing.  If your objective is to promote the use of coupons, savings programs and drive adherence, you can do so through aggregators, middleware and e-prescribing platforms that connect into EHRs and EMRs.  You may even want to consider intercepting competitive prescribers with savings programs to put your brand into future consideration set.  However, remember the mindset of physicians at this stage and be mindful of how you communicate with them.


Are You Willing to Build Custom Assets?

The top two EHRs accept standard banner ads that allows us to repurpose existing ads in the workflow.  However, further down the stream, standard banner ads are generally not accepted.  This brings us to the second question to ask yourself.  Are you willing to build custom assets knowing that it will add to production costs, agency time and MLR review?  How quickly do you want to get in market often challenges the tactics and assets to expand your reach to EHR-partners.

However, to fully harness the opportunities EHRs and their partners provide, you must consider the most appropriate messaging and formats depending on where physicians are in the workflow, to garner optimal results.  For example, having a simple 4-lines of text ad with a ‘Learn More’ call-to-action when a physician has already chosen a drug to prescribe will most likely not deliver the engagement you want.  If your goal is to run an adherence program, be prepared to provide branded assets geared to patient education.


Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Your targeting requirements can quickly narrow your vendor selection.  If you’re working with a physician list using the NPI# as the unique identifier, then that will exclude some vendors who are only licensed by their customers that allow for specialty targeting only.  However, NPI#s is just one aspect of targeting.  You may want to consider targeting the specialty then layering in the ICD9 or ICD10 codes to hone in on the specific disease your drug treats.  You may choose competitive targeting, first time patient to therapy versus existing patient to therapy, patient profiles and their demographics, to physicians’ prescribing behavior…and the list goes on.


What Data Do You Want to Access?

By far, EHRs and EHR partners have the most robust targeting options available for HCP-targeted media, but also consider the data you’re getting back.  Your KPIs and the data you want to access will also narrow your vendor selection.  If you’re targeting using the NPI#, then ideally, you’d also want to be able to access results at the NPI# level to give you the most insights into who you’ve reached and how they engaged with your promotions.  This will allow for future segmentation so you can identify your valuable audiences and customize messages.


What’s Your Budget?

And finally, what’s your overall budget?   Some vendors require a minimum investment especially if custom assets and setup are required.  You also need to consider the optimal split between production and media budget to get the most out of your overall campaign.  And most of all, understand the EHR landscape.  Choosing just one will not garner reach since physicians generally use only one EHR platform, therefore, you need multiple partners to expand your unique reach while making sure you have sufficient frequency.


Who’s Your Trusted Partner?

Does your commercialization partner understand the EHR landscape, and how to best benefit from the very latest opportunities? Do they know your specialized audiences, focus on content strategy, and are data savvy? Are they sensitive to your budget, and expert at getting the most value within the space? Here at Klick Health we operate at the convergence of health, communications, and tech, and are uniquely positioned to not only get the most out of EHRs, but connect the dots across every media channel to heighten reach, engagement, and conversions for your brand. Let’s talk! 

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Johanna oversees the Display Channel practice with a passion for understanding the audience and how the constant evolving technology and channels can be used for meaningful engagements.

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