Peter Cordy

About Peter

Peter has more than 35 years experience in pharma marketing, having founded and sold two agencies prior to Klick. His extended career has given him the opportunity to be part of the very earliest digital revolution, having launching a website for the Arthritis Society in 1996 and for Pfizer in 1997. Peter is one of the founding partners in Klick and the company’s former CEO. In his current role as Chairman and CFO, Peter guides our organization’s finances and oversees all revenues, costs, and capital expenditures. Klick enjoys all of the benefits of a solid financial foundation and private ownership and are fiercely proud of our independent status, earned thanks to Peter rigorously managing our business as though we were a public company. All of this has contributed to us becoming the largest independent digital healthcare agency in the world.

Prior to starting Klick Peter was the principal of various communication agencies and the Publisher and founder of Creative Source.

Why are you passionate about health and wellness?

The digital space in healthcare is such a fast paced, challenging environment — it is highly motivating and pushes us to do our best work. I think we are all very fortunate at Klick Health, because we don’t just do a “job”. Our work truly makes a difference in many people’s lives.

What excites you about technology and its role in healthcare?

I am very excited about the new opportunities that the current state of powerful technology affords to create, manage, and distribute important health information. Having this information readily available to HCPs, patients, and consumers is radically shifting the nature of health. The rapid growth of mobile devices will have also an enormous impact on people’s lives as they become more and more powerful. We will proudly take advantage of all these innovations on behalf of our clients, remaining at the forefront of developing unique web and mobile solutions.

What are your passions outside of work?

Enjoy escaping to my cottage on an island North of Toronto in Muskoka, tinkering with my vintage wooden boat and chasing after and roughhousing with my 3 grandchildren. I love art and have been painting in oils for approx. 10 years – currently learning to play the clarinet (not necessarily in this order!)