Our Story

Klick was born in 1997.
The Friendships, Earlier.

We — Klick founders Leerom Segal, Peter Cordy, and Aaron Goldstein — were friends before we became business partners.

Together, we had a formative experience at a dysfunctional digital agency that showed us what wasn't conducive to producing brilliant work: Short-term thinking, putting optics over outcomes, and colleagues protecting themselves against each other instead of working together.

It was not fun or inspiring and opposite of the vision we had for a unique digital agency.

So we set out to create a new kind of agency.

Leerom Segal
Peter Cordy
Aaron Goldstein
  • Leerom Segal,
  • Peter Cordy,
  • Aaron Goldstein,

Our Quest:

To create a center of gravity for inspiring people.

We knew there was a better way to free great minds to create their best work and have fun doing it. We set out to consciously curate an ecosystem, rather than structure a corporation.

To us, that meant three things: attracting, nurturing & creating.

  • Culture

    We use our profits to create
    a great work environment
    for our people.

  • Talent

    A great environment allows us
    to attract exceptional talent.

  • Client

    Exceptional talent creates
    exceptional work, leading to
    happy, successful clients.

  • Profit

    Happy clients reward us by
    giving us more business,
    which drives our profits.

We Needed To Create A Living Ecosystem

that learns and adapts.

It’s no coincidence: as the rate of change continues to compound, breakaway success is reserved for those who can adapt the fastest and most fluidly.

Emerging from a tech background, we’ve always been steeped in agile methodology, an iterative approach to projects that was designed to help development teams respond to unpredictability.

Turns out it works for more than just technology.

The success of virtually every hypergrowth organization, from Zappos to Uber, has applied this philosophy to building their brands. Oh, and did we mention we’ve grown at 40% a year for our entire history? That philosophy major is really paying off.


But being agile is not just for us.
It’s for our clients too.

Nowhere is the need to respond and adapt quickly more evident than in life sciences. With new discoveries, new technologies and new guidelines, stacked against a shifting competitive landscape, the pressure of a rapidly ticking patent clock is real.

And yet, planning and development timelines in the life science business tend to be… let’s say, protracted.

It’s our mission to change that.

We use
technology to make everything work better

and we mean everything.

We all know that what people do bears more truth than what they say. But for decades, we’ve been making marketing decisions based on what customers tell us in an artificial environment, under pressure and behind glass.

But technology has helped us understand what customers actually do – what they’re searching for, what catches their eye, and what makes them take action – which means it helps us understand what matters to them. What’s relevant and meaningful. In other words...

  • Technology helps us
    recognize success, and
    build on it. Faster.

    Rather than create one-off solutions, we are focused on building platforms that can leverage learning from past experiences, then grow smarter and more powerful.

    We believe in automating repeated tasks to optimize speed and consistency, and to minimize human error. We believe in templating standard projects, freeing our remarkable talent to focus on the next great leap forward.

  • Technology helps
    facilitate human

    Every great conversation is fuelled by the listening, not the speaking. Technology can help brands connect with their customers by helping the brands hear what their customers care about most and then respond quickly and with purpose.

    Customers may not see the difference, but they’ll feel it.

What’s the rush?

Because patients deserve to have the best treatments, sooner.

We believe that there is no greater waste than an effective treatment going unused. Our goal is to bring the right treatments to more of the right patients, faster.

Because time is more than just patent life. It’s patient life.

And that’s what we’re all here to protect.