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TEDMED2011Speaker faces at TEDMED2011Catherine Mohr at TEDMED2011Eric Schadt at TEDMED2011Calvin Harley and Elissa Epel at TEDMED2011Peter Diamandis at TEDMED2011
Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell at TEDMED2011Farzad Mostashari and Aneesh Chopra at TEDMED2011Tim O'Reilly at TEDMED2011Bill Doyle at TEDMED2011Hotel Del Coronado TEDMED2011
Quyen Nguyen at TEDMED 2011Jay Walker's Library of the Human Imagination at TEDMED2011Sheila Nirenberg at TEDMED2011Diana Nyad at TEDMED2011Beach Party Clam Bake at TEDMED2011Steelcase Nurture Nurse's Cart at TEDMED2011
Jonathan Mann at TEDMED2011Paul Stamets at TEDMED2011Gabor Forgacs at TEDMED2011Yoav Medan at TEDMED2011Jay Walker's Library of the Human Imagination at TEDMED2011Lee Stein at TEDMED2011

TEDMED2011, a set on Flickr.

Our full coverage of TEDMED2011 is up. Check out our descriptions of our favorite sessions.

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Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jay leads our strategic efforts in mobile and social media, product development, and research and insights.

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