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The Science of Superior Client Service


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I never tire of reading stories about ‘wow’ client service. The salesperson who wrapped Christmas gifts for a desperate shopper – even though she’d purchased the items somewhere else. The waiter who arrived at the airport with a steak dinner for a loyal customer after he tweeted the restaurant about how hungry he’d be. The hotel staffer who arranged for a wooden ramp to be built for the disabled guest who couldn’t access the beach.

It goes without saying: behind every account of great client service is a great team member. But behind every great team member is a culture that says yes. A corporate philosophy that empowers great (and small) acts of superior service every day. While client service stories that go viral are often sparked by something as random as remembering a birthday or sending them a congratulatory note to celebrate them when they achieve great things, the forces conspiring to make great client experiences happen are anything but random.

At Klick, we embrace the deliberate nature – dare I say science – of superior client service. Over the years, we’ve nurtured a culture where delivering ‘wow’ is not only possible but inevitable.  Here are some of our practices that inspire client-centric thinking and behavior to take root and thrive:

We build our teams around clients, not departments.  

How can we assure every client, no matter their size, they’ll be getting our ‘A-team’?  Simple: we assemble an A-team, from the ground up, for every piece of business we serve.  Recognizing that no one structure is perfect, we take the time to practically and philosophically understand every client’s unique needs and business objectives before building out what we believe to be the ideal team for them.

We hire ahead of need.

When we find an extraordinary talent, we hire the person – sometimes even when there’s no specific role open. This gives the candidate the advantage of not being thrown into the fire. It allows time to acclimatize to our culture and prepare for the great things to come. It also means that when a new piece of business lands, we’re not caught flat-footed.  We’ve got the best individual – versus the most available one – at the ready. Never being under the gun means never having to compromise on the right choice.

We treat business impact as a client service priority.  

We give our team permission to think differently and surround clients with exceptional service. They are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, versus defaulting to the status quo, even if it might make the client a bit uncomfortable at first.  Our priority is being able to stand behind what we do and deliver the results we’ve promised.

Anyone who works at Klick understands they’ll always be supported for having the principles, foresight, and courage to look after our clients’ best interests. I call it the freedom to care.  And it’s the ‘wow’ factor in every client experience.

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Lori Grant

Lori Grant is President of Klick Health, the world’s largest independent health marketing and commercialization agency. As a highly regarded thought leader, Lori has been recognized on the WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, PharmaVOICE 100 Most Inspiring People in Health, and in MM&M magazine’s ‘Hall of Femme.’ Lori has also been named a PM360 ELITE Mentor. Lori has over 30 years of strategic leadership and expertise in the healthcare marketing industry. Before being appointed Klick’s President in January 2014, she was Senior Vice President of Brand Development and Digital Strategy, heading-up Klick’s Strategy and Client Services teams for seven years. Previously, Lori held senior-level roles at large global network agencies. She spent the first 11 years of her career within large pharmaceutical companies’ over-the-counter (OTC) and specialty marketing groups.

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