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Today we launched a new book written by Leerom Segal, Aaron Goldstein, Jay Goldman, and Rahaf Harfoush called The Decoded Company. This book takes the Klick Health culture engine, centered around our intranet, Genome, and shows how using big data insight activities on your workforce can work just as well as it does for customers.

The Main Messages

The book centers around three main themes and provides both Genome and third-party examples to illustrate them:

Technology as a Coach

Transform your existing technology into a coach that brings out the best in your people rather than a referee that just yells “offside!”. Discover how the technologies that power Amazon, Netflix, Google, and eHarmony can be used to engage, motivate, and train your people.

Data as a Sixth Sense

Learn how UPS, 37signals, Bank of America, and Whole Foods give their people decision making superpowers by pairing instincts with analytics to gain a perspective that’s grounded in data but tempered by experience.

Engineered Ecosystem

Discover the simple culture secrets that brought feedback to Salesforce.com, poured the heart into Starbucks’s rebirth, and drive Valve’s incredible $3bn in revenue.


The website that accompanies the book is the place where companion materials like analysis tools, updated content, and examples will live.

Full Ecosystem Marketing

When marketing the book, we’re using a lot of the relevant channels:


Many reviews are coming, some of the first out of the gate are:

…and many more coming.

You can get your own copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 800ceoRead, and Indigo. The website also has links to electronic versions. Take a look and join the conversation under #DecodedCo.

More About the Author

Leerom Segal

Leerom is a founding partner at Klick and oversees projects at the executive level to ensure client satisfaction with quality and on-time and on-budget delivery. An accomplished strategist and technologist, Leerom is committed to surpassing client expectations and building long-term relationships.

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