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One of the things that motivate people at Klick is a genuine passion for continuous improvement. For us the pursuit of innovation, whether evolutionary or revolutionary, serves as a driver for doing things better; better ways to service clients, better ways for our clients to service their customers, and ultimately for those end users to have better lives.

Within Klick, we have some of the smartest people working in the healthcare marketing industry or for that matter, any industry. But we are often so busy doing exceptional work for our clients that it is hard to divert time and effort to develop great ideas that arise from our work or come our way. Klick Labs has been established to help bring these sparks of inspiration to full light.

As Vice President of Klick Labs, my role is to help our organization identify, develop, commercialize and market products, services and initiatives which bring more success to our clients, make a positive and impactful contribution to Healthcare and Healthcare Marketing, and help solidify Klick as the premier agency and thought leader in digital healthcare.

Klick Labs long term focus

Klick Labs long term focus

So what does this actually mean?

When our team members have an idea or have created a solution that solves marketing, regulatory or clinical challenges in the healthcare, pharma or biotech space, they will come to the Lab. We will work with them to determine if the idea can be commercialize, what kind of investment would be required and if it merits, seek funding to develop it.

Of the many ideas that we investigate, the ones the Lab will focus on most will be those that are elegant, worthy of investment and are repeatable. That is to say it should be simple to understand, relatively easy to get off the ground and can be useful to more than one or two clients.

Not only will we develop team member ideas and generate new ones, but we will also create partnerships with innovation driven organizations throughout the Healthcare industry and beyond. We will also work with our clients to conduct research and development for new solutions. And for those opportunities that are worthy, we will provide incubation and investment to nurture them as start ups.

Essentially, ‘The Lab’ is an in house consulting service for strategic innovation, research, and product development. We’re here to serve our clients, the Healthcare industry and our team of inspired and inspiring people.

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Keith Liu

Keith Liu heads up Klick Labs, the digital innovation group at Klick Health. He is a management professional who has focused on strategic planning, marketing, innovation and development for the last 15 years. During this time, he has worked on brands such as Nike, Sony, United Health Group, Microsoft, Bombardier, Boeing and Starbucks.

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