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Does your managed markets strategy include digital? It should.

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Historically, pharma marketers have focused their digital marketing efforts on HCPs, consumers and patients. However, as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is implemented and challenges to payer profitability emerge, payers will likely become more aggressive in managing certain categories. In turn, pharma marketers will need to be more active in managing managed markets. To do it well, a digital strategy should be central to your plans. If you’ve never developed a digital strategy for managed markets before, don’t feel daunted, because there is good news.

More experience available

The first bit of good news is that most pharma marketers are much more experienced in digital marketing now than ever before. And developing a digital strategy is not that much different than it is for HCP’s and Consumers. That’s not to say that you can simply point payer stakeholders in the direction of your HCP website and your job is done. But the underlying approach to developing a strategy still holds true. The second piece of good news is that because payers have been underserviced in the digital space, there are bound to be unmet needs to be discovered and fulfilled.

Understand your audience

The development of any digital strategy, including one for Payers, should start by developing a deep understanding your target. Ask yourself what information decision makers and influencers in payer organizations need and value? It clearly is less about marketing clinical efficacy and safety, and more about Health Economics and Total Cost of Therapy. Work with your Account Managers to find out what kind of information will help stakeholders make decisions about your therapy. Ask how they consume that information, and how they share it with colleagues.

The result may be that there is some basic groundwork to make up. You may not yet have a core property that is designed specifically to communicating to managed market stakeholders. Are there other ways to be meet your target’s needs? Interactive tools such as a Business Impact Model, which can help stakeholders quickly evaluate a variety of scenarios, can be very powerful. What about equipping Account Managers with ISA’s rather than basic PowerPoints, PDF’s and spreadsheets?

Digital is competitive advantage

As you activate your approach to managed markets, a sound digital strategy can be a difference maker in how effectively and holistically you communicate with stakeholders. It has the potential to provide a competitive advantage over those that are slower off the mark. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your Managed Markets Strategy an integrated, digitally enabled success.

More About the Author

Mark Makuch

Mark is a Digital Strategist with 14 years of digital marketing experience, 9 of which have been in the healthcare vertical. He has led digital accounts such as Sun Life Financial, Harley Davidson, Bayer Diabetes Care, Purdue Pharma and EpiPen.

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