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From CEOs of large multi-national corporations all the way down to customer service reps on the front line, most of us spend our workdays making decisions. Over the last few years, companies have been decoding data to provide context on their customers’ preferences to give them key insights into markets, competitors and sales to drive company performance. Organizations that excel at using this external data are leading the way, at least until their competitors catch up. But what about turning this strategy inward and looking inside our companies?

This is a synopsis of my article in PM360 this month. Check out the full version to get the important details.

Collect Data

Make sure your systems are capitalizing on both self-reported data, such as timesheets, and ambient data, such as card swipes, ticket progress, etc. These two aspects of data provide the ecosystem you need to interpret what is happening in the organization.

Analyze Data

Asking questions of the data is where the insights materialize. Many questions won’t result in anything particularly interesting, but keep at it, as you become more familiar with the data on your own organization you’ll develop a better “informed intuition” and your questions will get better.

Present Data

Once you’ve found some of the questions that can really pivot the organization, present this data to your people so that they can act on it. You need three things to make this relevant and actionable:

Case Study: UPS

This is one of our favorite examples from our newly-launched book, The Decoded Company. UPS was able to take their delivery data and create algorithms that didn’t replace a driver’s intuition and experience, they coached it. This partnership of technology and workers produced more efficient deliveries, and more personal time for drivers.

Check out the full post on PM360 – Using Data as a Sixth Sense.

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Leerom Segal

Leerom is a founding partner at Klick and oversees projects at the executive level to ensure client satisfaction with quality and on-time and on-budget delivery. An accomplished strategist and technologist, Leerom is committed to surpassing client expectations and building long-term relationships.

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