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Big data, are we ready?

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Big data, little data, we live in a world that is saturated in data. These little pieces of electronic flotsam trail us like the wake of a boat. We carry our cell phone and it records where we are. We open an email and immediately that fact is recorded and compared to the mailing list, as are any of our clicks (or taps in the mobile age) made on the links. We visit a web page, or see an ad, or sign up for any number of services. Some of this data is explicit (like signing up for a newsletter service) and some of it is behavioral and simply the side effect of existing online (like ads recording that we saw them and choosing which should be the next ad to which we are exposed).

A recent report from the PEW Internet project tries to measure the differing opinions from some of the thought leaders on big data to see what the future of this technology might mean for mankind. They divided the results into those that predicted that big data would improve our lives and those that predicted that it would degrade them.

Points from the Positive Side

Some of the benefits they believe we will reap:

Some say the limitations of Big Data must be recognized and they warn:

Points from the Negative Side

Some of the ways that big data will harm our lives and societies:

But no group is completely cohesive, from this group we also hear:

So, what do you think? Read the PEW study and come to your own conclusions. If you have time, come back here and post your thoughts.

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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Senior Director leading the social practice. His group ensures that clients get the best bang for their buck on the social platforms.

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