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It’s the time of the year for top-10 lists of what happened in 2013 and predictions about 2014. Our predictions will be forthcoming in our CES coverage, so here are the top 10 blog posts from 2013 as voted by you in page views…

1. Radian6 vs. Sysomos

This has been a favorite since it was written in February when I first started using Sysomos. I like both and hope it’s a fair review. The pricing continues to evolve and Sysomos is not infallible so we may need to revisit in 2014.

2. Genome, it’s in our DNA

This review of our intranet that drives the company proved to be very popular. Our intranet drives our business and you can learn more about it in the latest post from Leerom Segal, CEO: We believe in quantifying the “soft stuff.”

3. The FDA Advisory Bouquet

This April 1 joke was pretty well received, and garnered the top number of referrals from the Klick Wire newsletter of any story we’ve ever posted. It single-handedly tripled the email metrics for that week. My favorite part is at the end where the relationship is shown to be a bit on the rocks.

4. Retrieving face tag data from the Picasa web API

Looking at the title you might think that this post is incredibly technical. You’d be right, but it was written in 2011 and continues to be a strong driver of traffic for programmers who need just that piece of data. This is an example of the long tail in action and the benefit of posting across many topics to bring in relevant viewers (some of these programmers may wish to come and work for Klick Health).

5. Agency Mojo: Why email sucks

When the CEO, Leerom Segal, writes a post about how Klick Health does business it tends to get attention. When he takes email out behind the barn and gives it a solid beating it drives a lot of traffic. This post describes why we have Genome as our corporate DNA.

6. Agency Mojo: What is culture?

Klick Health does have a unique culture, every new person comments on it, and it’s plain to see in the enthusiastic, positive vibe in the halls, at the events, and on the internal social media. This post is a precursor to the Decoded book that is being published in February.

7. Digital Pharma East: The new fundamentals of healthcare marketing

The presentation of one of Klick Health’s senior strategy leads blew the doors off of the other posts in terms of engagement. This post has a whopping 8 minute 34 second average time on page. Apparently readers are liking the embedded SlideShare deck.

8. Responsive web design for 2013 – a primer

Mobile continued to be one of the top stories of 2013 and everyone wanted to know how to build patient and HCP experiences that work on the variety of devices being seen in the market. Responsive design has a lot of benefits including efficient development and content consistency and reuse.

9. Gartner on digital marketing: social and mobile top focus

A series of reports from Gartner struck a chord and marketers wanted more. The highlights of the reports are in the blog post and we try to draw connections between the wider industry and the more limited healthcare space.

10. Introducing Klick Labs

The top-ten list is rounded out with the announcement of Klick Labs. We created the lab to help us get past the “paper walls” that the industry sometimes worries about. We want to build a future in which we’re proud to live… the future happens here.


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