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The Three-Act Play in Six Seconds

Senior Director, Social Media

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The focus on 6-second video spots from Facebook, Google, and even Fox TV have sparked some ideas inside Klick on the format. We think that the goal of a 6-second video has to be resonance because you only have time to plant the seed of an idea during your allotted time rather than present a full call to action.

In this blog post I’ll take you through how to think about a 6-second video to create resonance.

The Play Structure

Think of a 6-second video as three, two second parts. Count them to yourself… one-two, one-two, one-two. There is enough time in there to get some images and maybe a couple of words (if they strongly relate to the images). The framework can be thought of like the image below. Vertical axis is valence, or the emotional attraction or repulsion of a stimuli. Horizontal axis is simply time, in seconds.

6-second video framework

The key here is to use variations in valence to tell your story and achieve the roller-coaster ride that will resonate with the viewer.

Positive-Negative Valence

In this example we play with an initial positive story that turns negative only to end on our brand’s solution (noise-cancelling headphones):

Positive-Negative valence

Negative-Positive Valence

Here we reverse the storyline with an initial negative event that then turns positive with our brand as the savior:


Negative-Positive valence

To be clear, Klick doesn’t work for Bose or Dairy Queen, these brands are simply for illustration (we’re pharma-first, of course).

Any brand can use this technique and with the competition for attention on social getting tighter the format will become more and more important. We can see the format being used for both:

These images are available as an animated PowerPoint if you’re looking to sell this into your own organization. Also, if you want a full description of what’s up in social in 2017, check out the DHC / Klick Social Best Practices in Pharma deck.

Want to set up a brainstorm for 6-second video? Contact your friendly neighbourhood social team member at Klick.

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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Senior Director leading the social practice. His group ensures that clients get the best bang for their buck on the social platforms.

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