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The secret to influencer marketing in a pharma world


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Ever feel like because you work in pharma your brands are just never going to have compelling influencer campaigns like other big industries? Well, we’re here to argue that you can execute a strong influencer campaign, the road to execution is simply longer than other industries.

Why influencers and where to begin

The biggest reason that using influencers will benefit your brand is consumers are much more likely to trust and engage with influencer content than brand content. When using an influencer to present branded messages, your campaign is expressed in a way that feels natural and approachable from the consumer’s perspective.

We believe two things need to be considered when planning an influencer campaign. The first, is mapping out exactly how you plan to use these influencers and foreseeing any Regulatory hurdles you may have to overcome to achieve your vision. The second, is nailing down the right influencer that is best suited for your brand and strategy.

Let’s talk about the roadmap for influencer campaigns. It is comprised of a few key milestones.

Influencer campaign strategy milestones:

Now that you’ve got your influencer campaign roadmap defined, it is time to consider who your perfect influencers are.

Influencer selection criteria:

Using these criteria will help your brand select an influencer whom your target audience will trust – one who feels natural for your brand – and an influencer who has a passion for your brand’s mission. Once you’ve got the influencer in place, it’s time to start the content creation. This process becomes a dialogue between the brand and influencer to create a final piece of content that feels natural coming from the influencer while containing all the desired messages from the brand.

A successful influencer campaign will come from the brand team, the influencer, and Regulatory all working together towards a common vision. Thinking long-term about how to use your influencer will drive your brand’s reach and heighten the impact of your brand’s campaign.  

More About the Author

Susan Sutherland

Susan Sutherland has been working in marketing for the last several years specializing in pharmaceuticals, lifestyle and OTC brands. While at Klick she has driven brand results for companies such as Takeda, Novartis, Allergan, and UCB. She has a strong background in social media strategy, most notably having worked on the award-winning Lighter Blue campaign for Takeda that earned the title of the top pharma page in the US with posts exceeding 1MM likes. Her passion lies in finding unique audience insights to drive digital strategies. At Klick, Susan can be found activating strategies and tactics across a suite of brands. Her work includes experience in oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and mental health.

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