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Pulsar now has access to Sermo's database of physician conversations and can run similar queries against both patients on the public internet (not Facebook or other private platforms) and against physicians on Sermo. A sample report the company created compared the mentions of cancer types:



This is much more in line with the incidences of cancer, compared to the public split of conversation which is often about raising awareness, something doctors have plenty of.

The report also includes more data about patient talk but that is more common and available on other platforms such as Sysomos. This insight into physician conversations on Sermo, however, is exclusive to Pulsar TRAC.

One caveat. Public social conversations run into the 600+ billion volumes while physician talk on Sermo is described as 5.5 million so don’t expect to be able to mine the same level of detail there, it will get to single posts very quickly.

To see the rest of the data take a look at Pulsar’s report.The dominance of breast cancer in the public conversation is quite interesting as is the analysis of stage 1-3 vs. stage 4.



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