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P&G lightens up on Facebook targeting, keeps budget on platform


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P&G, the world's highest-spending advertiser (imagine the service they get from the platforms -Ed.) is backing away from Facebook's ultra-niche targeting toward more a more broad-based approach. It is keeping the same budget numbers, just using them differently.

This could be a case where the machines know more about the audience than the human analysts. Facebook has very good built-in ad matching algorithms based on topics and activity so this result makes sense:

For instance, P&G two years ago tried targeting ads for its Febreze air freshener at pet owners and households with large families. The brand found that sales stagnated during the effort, but they rose when the campaign on Facebook and elsewhere was expanded last March to include anyone over 18.

The takeaway for health marketers is that you should continue your targeted initiatives but try a couple of outlier ads with more relaxed targeting to see if “the machine” outperforms your more targeted ads.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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