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Nonprofits and content marketing – it’s about branding


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60% of non-profits, often patient advocacy organizations in healthcare, are using content marketing and they are doing it to raise their brand profile, not to directly solicit funds, a change from 2013. This shows the power of social media and content marketing for the long play. Followers exposed to content marketing messages may not convert for a long time, but it feeds the funnel at the very front end.

The top three goals of content marketing for non-profits in 2014 were:

The top channels being used were strongly digital in nature:


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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge created waves across social media this summer, and nonprofits surveyed were taking the plunge into this world. Social media, cited by 93%, was the top content tactic nonprofit professionals used, leapfrogging second-place in-person events (89% of respondents) to take the No. 1 spot.

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